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Couples counselling London: The power of healing and growing together.
Online relationship counseling Uk

We provide couples counselling in London and online. We understand that couples usually seek therapy when they are experiencing a difficult time in their relationship. Most couples feel that they are at a crossroads or breaking point before they actually come to couples’ therapy. Seeking relationship therapy can feel daunting however, our compassionate therapist will support you, as you embark on a developing your relationship.  We suggest coming to therapy sooner rather than when you feel it's too late for your relationship. Our couples counselling London service (online), can provide a therapist to assist you both to work through your concerns and provide a neutral space for you to gain a better understanding of each other, as individuals and as a couple. So if you are seeking couples therapy in London, then we invite you to contact us.

couples therapy in London

Our online relationship counselling Uk

How might couples therapy help? Couples therapy can help by encouraging open communication, therapist can work with you to gain an understanding of the emotional dynamics that exist within your relationship, and how you both relate to each other. Couples therapy can provide a space for you to both feel heard and understood to bring forward feelings and concerns that you may not have spoken about otherwise. In addition, the therapeutic space Can be used as a way to gain some clarity and understanding of what you both really want out of the relationship. The main goal of couples therapy, is that you learn how to understand each other better and are able to communicate in a healthy way, learning to hear each other as individuals so you can relate better with one another.

Our Online Relationship Counselling, UK. Is helpful for couples who are:

  • Wanting to resolve conflicts in their relationship.

  • Feeling, as if they are at a crossroads within the relationship but seeking therapy to try and work through things.

  • Experiencing intimacy issues.

  • Couples that have experienced cheating or lying within their relationship.

  • Wanting to work on communication and emotions within the relationship.

  • Thinking of making a long-term commitment to each other but wanting ways to strengthen their relationship.

  • Wanting to break / work on old habits in the relationships.

  • Affairs and betrayals.


Relationships are often difficult and there is never an easy fix. Many problems within relationships are deep seated, for the process of therapy to go smoothly both parties within the couple are required to attend the weekly sessions. We offer short term couples therapy which is usually nine to 10 weeks. However, we do have the option for open-ended couples therapy, sessions are usually delivered online, but we do have some space available for face-to-face couples therapy in Camden and Hackney. The fee for couples therapy is £115 per session. If you would like to book a free 15min phone consultation, then please click below.

Older couple together

  Love takes work.

“When I met you, falling in love was easy but over time, that love grew and so did the work I had to do. The work I had to do each day. To show you that you're special to me in every way.”

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