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Low-cost therapy London

Online therapy and psychotherapy, treatment for anxiety, depression and emotional wellbeing

Affordable therapy in London: It can be so overwhelming with all the options available and even more overwhelming if this is your first time seeking therapy. However, rest assured at Segment Counselling, we are here to help make the therapy process a safe and supportive environment. We aim to make therapy more accessible so, that's why we also offer an affordable therapy service.  If you are looking for help with anxiety, depression, or other emotional concerns then our therapy service could benefit you. We are dedicated to supporting you with your mental wellbeing. Our online and in person Hackney therapy service, is specifically designed to support the individaul needs of people living in the broader community.

How to book a low-cost counselling session:

Step one: 

Please ensure you meet the criteria for low-cost therapy sessions which is outlined as being on a lower income earning 25K or less or providing proof of being a student. Sessions cost between £35 to £45 a session and are billed monthly. You need to have an initial  free assessment over the phone before you can start therapy, our friendly therapists will discuss your requirements for therapy and your financial circumstances.

Step two:

Once you've had your assessment and your happy to go ahead with therapy, then you will book a recurring weekly session. You have the choice of ongoing or short term therapy (12 weeks). Low-cost counselling sessions are delivered in the same way as full rate sessions, however, sessions will be delivered by either a fully qualified therapist or one whos in the final stages of training with a recognised accrediting body. Sessions are delivered online or in person in Hackney.

Step 3:

Feel as if your are ready to book low-cost couselling? Then click the assessment button to begin. A therapist will be in touch!

Reach out to us to express your interest in affordable therapy sessions.We're here to help!

Therapy Camden, London

What is counselling?

How can counselling help? Counselling is the opportunity to meet with a professional therapist at least once a week, therapy sessions are held either online or face  to face. Sessions usally last for 50mins during this time you will have the chance to discuss what has been going on for you. You can talk openly and freely to explore your thoughts behaviours and feelings, you can focus on your past or present day or both. The therapy space is safe and judgement free, supportive and private. We offten see people for the following; anxiety, depression, trauma, low mood, feeling overwhelmed, stress, relationship issues (including therapy for divorce), and feeling isolated alone or stuck in life. If you are experiencing a difficult time in life or going through a transition then counselling also known as talk therapy can help.  

Still have questions then contact us here 

panick attack treatment Camden, london

What to expect?

We offer a free 15min phone consultation  to discuss your needs and tell you more about the process. Please complete the contact form and we will get back to you to arrange your consultation. Once you've had the consultation, if we are a good fit for you then your first online therapy session we be arranged, this session will include an intial assessment where we can outline your goals for therapy and you can get a better understanding of the collabrative  process of therapy. Sessions can be short term 12 weeks or, there is an option for opened (ongoing) if prefered. 

Find out more about our appoarch and the therapy treatment we offer. 

Altough, our service is mainly online we also, offer face to face private counselling in Camden and a Hackney therapy service. There may be an option for low-cost counselling for some clients. Please contact us in regards to our face to face availibility. 

News and events

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Group counselling in Camden

With the aim of trying to make therapy more accessible, we will be running group therapy sessions for anxiety this September. The sessions will last for six weeks and will provide a safe space to learn more about how to cope with anxiety.

The session will be held on Wednesdays, at the Ludham and Waxham hall (Camden) from 11am -1pm at £20 a session, to book your place contact us here. 


You will have the opportunity to get support from the group and trained therapist.


We welcome you to explore your feelings and learn methods to cope with anxiety. Contact us here for more info. So we can keep you updated for when this group opens  with a date and address.

The therapy blog

Visit our therapy blog as your source for useful tips and articles on counselling and mental health topics. 

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