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How effective is online therapy? Exploring the effectiveness of online therapy.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

In today's modern world technology has made it increasingly easier to access mental health support, especially online. Technology has revolutionised different aspects of our lives including what's available to us when it comes to deciding how to seek mental health support. The last few years has seen the emergence online therapy increasingly becoming the go to platform for mental health care. However, there's still an overriding question as to how effective therapy is when accessed online. This post will explore the realm of online therapy and its potential benefits, shedding more light on its sufficiency in promoting mental well-being.

Clearly there is an advantage online for online therapy as it allows for therapy to become more accessible to all. Traditionally the practise of therapy was delivered face to face. This would mean that individuals would need to seek therapists that were allocated near to them. However. in the wake of online therapy, the obstacles of commuting have now been removed. Individuals can now connect with a therapist at the touch of a button. Making the experience more convenient, particularly for those with busy lifestyles such as individuals in care homes or those that reside in remote areas. But with the understanding that therapeutic practise was originally delivered face to face. How effective is online therapy?

Online therapy provides access to wide range of therapeutic approaches with the aim to be delivered in the same fashion as face to face therapy. The therapist will work alongside the client in a collaborative approach outlining pacific treatment plans and goals working towards achieving better therapeutic outcomes. Anyone wanting to use an online therapist should ensure that the therapist is qualified. Online therapy can be just as effective as face to face therapy. As a therapist, will work towards creating the therapeutic alliance between the client and themselves. Allowing the online space to now become the therapeutic environment.

Ways to ensure online sessions are effective, before logging onto your sessions, ensure that you have a safe private environment where you don't anticipate any interruptions. Your therapist should have highlighted to you what to do if you experience any technical problems, whether it's logging back on or continuing the session another day or via phone call instead. Individuals are still able to partake in online therapy sessions the same way that they would in face to face therapy. It is possible that strong therapeutic bonds can still be formed via online therapy between the therapist and client. The use of online video platforms can still allow for the therapist to observe any nonverbal cues and facial expressions and pay close attention to body language delivered by the client. This can give the therapist insight to the client's emotional state and help form clinical assessment.

Some research has even suggested that individuals may find it easier to form therapeutic alliance with their therapist via the use of online video platforms. The removal of the therapy room as the therapeutic space can reduce the sense of stress the client may feel in sessions, and in fact they may benefit from being in a more familiar surrounding such as their own home environment. This may lead to the client to feel more empowered within their sessions leading to better treatment outcomes while enhancing the therapeutic alliance.

So, is Online therapy effective?

Considering the information above, online therapy can be an effective source of treatment when face to face therapy is hard to reach or unavailable. The use of online therapy has proved to be effective and valuable. Allowing access to mental health support to those that require it. Online therapy continues to provide a platform for personal growth, exploration of feelings and healing. The integration of this technology provides individuals with an adaptable therapeutic experience. Giving individuals access to a wide range of professionals so they can receive a tailored therapy experience.

If you feel that online therapy is right for you, then contact us today, to see how we can support you.

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